In the State of Play of September, among the titles presented, there was one in particular that immediately caught our attention: it is Arise To the Simple Story, the first work created by the Small Studio, that we could try out the exclusive Italian at the side of its authors.

The platform adventure Arise A Simple Story puts us in the shoes of an elderly man passed on to a better life that, before embarking on his last journey towards the kingdom ofthe hereafter, he will try to retrace the salient moments of its existence in order to offer the user experience is intimate and engaging.

The narrative device adopted by the Small Firm is, therefore, playing on the emotions and on the relationship that bring with our sprightly alter-ego to enable us to deal with a series of activities that will make the originality of their sharpest weapon. The player can control the flow of time and change the environment to him the surrounding to put the puzzle together of the memories of the protagonist: from this point of view, is emblematic of the effort being made by independent developers to integrate these mechanics of gameplay to form a cooperative that will run throughout the game.

Without further ado, we leave you, therefore, to our Video Preview , which you can find at the top of the news and our special on the Arise A Simple Story in an Italian exclusive, but before that, we remind you that the last effort for the digital Small Studio and Techland will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 3rd of December.