Apple Arcade, the interesting service for a monthly subscription of the company from Cupertino, has continued to be enriched with new games since its launch and currently boasts a library of well 100 different titles.

Among the apps that were added today to the catalog, allowing it to reach such a remarkable figure of games available, we find:

  • Sociable Soccer
  • UFO on Tape: First Contact
  • Takeshi & Hiroshi
  • Guildlings
  • Discolored
  • Marble It Up: Mayhem

This is in many cases the titles I have already seen on other platforms or sequels to the games more or less famous, available on the App Store. We also remind you that among the 100 games available for subscribers to Apple Arcade, we find also the new Rayman Mini, the fighting game in the style of Super Smash Bros. called LEGO Brawls and the Hot Lava.

It should also be mentioned that all of these games do not include microtransactions, and can be played with a controller (PS4 or Xbox One thanks to iOS 13, that support has been added to pad the bluetooth of both platforms.

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