Despite the many problems and the support is problematic, BioWare does not seem at all willing to abandon the Anthem. Anything, is working hard to deliver to the players the content that they deserve. Today, 8 November, has officially opened its doors to the PTS on PC: up to day 11, will offer a taste of theevent to Tide the Winter.

Before talking about the event, we would like to explain what is the PTS. The Public Test is a tool thanks to which players Anthem can share their views on the new content before they are made available to all. Is currently available (in English) only for those who bought Anthem on a PC or a subscriber to Origin Access. Eligible players can find a special box in the library of games Origin.

From today, 8 November to 11 November, we said, will offer a preview of the event, the Tide of the Winter, which BioWare describes it this way: “it Is a moment in which even the forests in the most humid are covered by a blanket of snow, the lakes freeze and the ice is collected for the hot days that will be. Although it is a season that is cheerful and full of celebration, is not exempt from dangers, just as everything that concerns the world of Anthem.” At the moment, on the PTS that are accessible to two strongholds – The mine of the queen and the Heart of Fury – full timers, multipliers, points, reverse and rankings. In the Free Game are available for meetings with the outlaws, storms with glass balls and a new challenge-time to Specialists, which is renewed every 5 minutes.

We do not know when the event Tide of the Winter will be made available to all players, since BioWare has not been biased in this regard. The company, evidently, prefers to collect the most feedback possible before announcing anything. I take this opportunity to inform you that on the occasion of N7 Day, have been added to the skin of Mass Effect.