To celebrate the release of Death Stranding and congratulate the friend Hideo Kojima for their excellent work on his latest sci-fi adventure fresh launch on PS4, digital artists Guerrilla Games have made a sketch that sees the protagonists Aloy and Sam Bridges.

The nice initiative promoted by the software house in the netherlands that participated in the development of Death Stranding sees the protagonists of the fair warrior intepretabile in the futuristic universe of Horizon Zero Dawn (and, perhaps, the rumored second chapter for next-gen to PS5) and the brave courier of the United States post-apocalyptic the last epic tinged with the dark of the daddy of Metal Gear.

The image of the Guerrilla portrays the two heroes of the Horizon and, Death Stranding committed to “reconnecting the world” blasting in the saddle of a motorcycle to Sam to escape from a gaggle of Pursuers, one of the many species of robot dinosaurs that dominate the world of sci-fi of the exclusive PS4 Guerrilla Games.

Before I read your comments and discover that what you think of this artwork (and, more in general, of your first hour of the game with Death Stranding), please refer to the reading of our guide full of tips and basics and in-depth study in which we ask ourselves if Death Stranding is a fun game.