On the occasion of the edition 2017 of Gamescom in Cologne, Microsoft and Relic Entertainment had presented to the public the trailer of the announcement of Age of Empires IV.

Since then, the community linked to the famous videogame saga of the mold of the historical-strategic looks forward to being able to discover more details on the production. Well, the wait may soon come to an end. The careful active users on the popular forum ResetEra report, in fact, an interesting sighting. On the official website of Age of Empires has in fact made his appearance a mysterious countdown. The latter is labeled “The next adventure begins in…“, followed by a countdown currently over five hundred thousand seconds. The latter, therefore, could reach the end in conjunction with theXO19 Fan Fest in London, waited for the next Thursday, 14th November.

In the course of the summer of this year, during the course of Gamescom 2019, Aaron Greenberg was granted an interview with the German portal Gamestar.de. On that occasion, the manager Xbox had suggested that the gameplay of Age of Empires IV would be among the protagonists of the event organized by the House of Redmond. The Fan Fest in London will be the stage from which will be shared new information on the game? To find out what they have in store Microsoft and Relic Entertainment do is wait for next week!