Activision is also focusing in the market of mobile games. During a call to investors, the company shall specify to be a part of this reality, with a third of its total activity coming from mobile devices. This is without a doubt powered in part by the King, the giant mobile behind Candy Crush , which Activision acquired in 2015.

“The types of games AAA that we are ready to work on mobile devices thanks to the improvement of the processing capability and graphics of the same,” said the company. “Now, it is the case that many of the most successful games are first-person action and strategy; all are aligned, as you can imagine, very well to the working method”.

Activision has positioned itself uniquely as far as success in the mobile market because it has some of the greatest games famous. The recent release of Call of Duty Mobile has been a huge success, with 100 million downloads: this success, according to Activision, is also the result of the name of the franchise.

And regarding Overwatch, and World of Warcraft? Also they could arrive on mobile devices? The company has not confirmed anything, but has stated that they are investigated all of the franchise for a potential adaptation to the smartphone market. The company intends to publish new games for mobile by using these three aspects. The first is a game that “would extend the gameplay of the existing”, giving the example of Call of Duty Mobile, with its maps and modes. The second point is the possibility to reinterpret some of the games for PC and console and riadattarli for smartphones: an example of this is Hearthstone. The third and final point is the development of a title that is cross-platform, playable with players on PC and console.


During the conference, Activision has published the data dedicated to the revenues from micro-transactions: the company, through the inclusion of skins and cosmetic items in its games, has earned $ 700 million.

Source: GameSpot