During a call to investors, Activision Blizzard has not only recorded a decrease in revenue from microtransactions for the last quarter, but the latest published data show a decline across the board in sales.

The net revenues of Activision Blizzard were down 15% to 1.28 billion dollars for the quarter ended 30 September, while net sales were down 27% and amounted to 1.21 billion dollars. Part of that deficit can be attributed to the fact that the company is now no longer owns the rights to Destiny, that is passed into the hands of Bungie.

However, even the Blizzard did not pass well: the revenues in fact declined by 38% on an annual basis, while the revenues of the King, the division focused on mobile games, have fallen by about 1%. Also the monthly active users of Activision Blizzard are down 8%, but the decrease is more significant is without a doubt one of Activision, which has lost 22% of the public, in the face of Blizzard has registered a decrease of 11% and King of 6%.


With regard to the future, the company is now trying to sift through all of its franchise in order to develop new titles for mobile devices.

Source: GamesIndustry