It seems that the incredible success of Call of Duty Mobile has led Activision Blizzard to review their plans for the future, to the point of planning the development of new games dedicated to the notebook platforms.

The company has stated that already a third of the revenues come from the mobile market, but that in the future, the gains from this platform are increased.

Here are the words of Coddy Johnson, chief operating officer:

“A third of our business is already on mobile. We have the most presence in the field of gaming on mobile in the west. It is our intention to further improve our leading position in the field. The mobile market is a great opportunity and we want to go beyond the Call of Duty Mobile and Diablo Immortal. Triple A titles that we develop, work perfectly due to the increasing power of mobile devices.”

From the words of Johnson, is also emerged the desire to always carry the most famous brands on the platform, and, to the question of the possible arrival of Overwatch, and World of Warcraft on a smartphone, there was only the proviso that any IP may undergo a treatment similar to that seen with Call of Duty Mobile.

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