According to what is learned from a job announcement, 2K Games is forming a new development team for a game is not better specified. However, just from the description that is given to us, we can draw some important clues on the project.

First of all, 2K Games is looking for a End Game Design Lead experience to work in a “small group of people with a lot of ambitions and the resources to carry them out”. The ad goes on to describe the game: “In the game we are creating, the story itself comes to a conclusion. The world, however, is something that we are planning to be alive and to involve the storyline in the main. To do this we want to create a set of systems, post-narrative, missions and character progression that gives our fans the chance to experience more content, based on the live-service“. It seems clear that the game will have a narrative arc root, as well as is equally obvious that the game will continue with an end-game progression, based on live services. Obviously the users are flared with the assumptions and on the forums as ResetEra you to take for granted the evolution live-service of the new BioShock 4. As always, it’s all a tricky one, given that you do not know the details of the project.

During the summer, another announcement that Visual Concepts was made to think of the arrival of an open-world character of the automotive. As always we will keep you updated.