Death Stranding comes out officially tomorrow on PS4, which allows time to take a look at two making of videos freshly put online by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In the first, Hideo Kojima looks back on the creation of Sam Porter Bridges, the hero of the game. It indicates that from the outset, he wished to leave the role in Norman Reedus, an actor he had already sought for the mythical Silent Hills PT ; “we created the character with him in mind.” It also insists on the fact that any player can identify with him considering that he is not a super-hero. It does not mean that it is able to push its limits when the future of humanity rests on his shoulders.

It was also right to focus on the Stranded. “The the most frightening things are those we cannot see,” says Kojima-san. The things that you can not understand, that you cannot perceive, that you have never experienced, are the ones that we are most afraid of. We wanted that to be the case for the players.” Naturally, the boss of Kojima Productions, then adds that in the course of the adventure, we arrive at a better understanding of the events and to overcome them.

For the record, Death Stranding will land also on PC, but not until the summer of 2020.