After showing lots of gameplay from TGS 2019, the upper echelons of Konami publish finally the very first video in English Grimoire of Souls, the next adventure of Castlevania allocated to land mobile systems, iOS and Android in the course of the next few months.

The movie in question allows us to become familiar with the setting and narrative of this work immersed in theuniverse in shades of dark Castlevania, so find out what skills we can use to draw on the wealth of powers and equipment of Genya Arikado, the protagonist of the story.

The adventure that is waiting for us to avoid the Grimoires contriscano to put an end to the era of peace ushered in by the defeat of Count Dracula, will be rich in references to the Castlevania series and its heroes. In spite of the simplifications to the gameplay made necessary by the context mobile, Grimoire of Souls will try to offer us anexperience of the highest quality thanks to a approach to hack ‘n’ slash voted to the frenzy and the presence of a cast of “historic”, which will include, among others, Alucard, Simon, Charlotte, Shanoa, and Maria.

In the past few weeks, our Gabriel Carollo has taken advantage of the showcase of the media at the Tokyo Game Show in 2019 to try a preview of Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls and offer ourselves, in so doing, a rich depth on the dynamics of gameplay and content that await us on mobile systems, iOS and Android with the launch of this title, scheduled tentatively for the end of 2019.