In an interview granted to the colleagues of Nintendo Life, Masao Taya, director of Little Town Hero, he deepened some aspects of the game of Game Freak, including the story, the combat system, the sector is sound and the relationship with the Pokemon series.

Taya has provided some details on the story: the Axe, the protagonist of the game, does not want to leave his village, but is just curious to discover the world around you. His curiosity is inferred from the fact that “he is not allowed to depart.” In the course of the game you will understand that part of the story is linked to the father of our hero. With regard to the combat system, the director has confirmed that it will be based on a sort of Digital CCG (Digital Collectible Card Games). The system will force players to carefully choose their moves, with the goal of putting the characters in a “position of advantage”. However, compared to the games in the series Pokemon, the number of enemies on-screen will be limited. Finally Taya has not spared one of the finalists to Toby Fox, already the composer of the music of Undertale, which has worked on the soundtrack of the Little Town Hero.

The new information on the Little Town Hero arrive after the publication of a long video of gameplay. Not much left to put hands on the new title of Game Freak. The Little Town Hero (which you can read our preview here) will be released on 16 October exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.