Rich Lambert, the creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online, spoke during a panel on “game-as-a-service” to the PAX Aus has confirmed that ZeniMax will continue to support the famous MMO, revealing the presence of a plan for 2020 and for subsequent years.

Lambert has explained the basic differences between a Single Player game and a GAAS, emphasizing the importance of the continued support and relationship with the community. The developer has talked about the challenges related to the development phase, focusing the attention on the relationship of transparency and communication with the fans: “we were wrong, we made mistakes, we took the wrong road on certain occasions. It is not easy to admit we were wrong, but the community will always tell you when you’re doing something that doesn’t work”. Lambert has admitted that the game was published in 2014 was not what the players wanted, but that with hard work and with the arrival of’update ‘One Tamriel”, the ESO was able to recover, reaching, at the time, approximately 13.5 million registered users.

In short, after the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr (which you can read our review here), and with the arrival of the DLC Dragonhold, ZeniMax seems to have no intention of stopping. We will keep you updated!