During a streaming with Dennis “Cloak” Lepore focused on the leak of Fortnite Chapter 2, the Ninja explained that, according to his point of view, the authors of Epic Games would need “much more than a new map” to make sure that Fortnite will continue to be successful in the long term.

“In the Season 11 will see the launch of a new map and this is what,” he began authoritatively the streamer of Fortnite ‘s most famous in the world, but then add that “people may get used to and get tired very quickly of the new map. What I want to say is that if people as a MOTOR of Fnatic look with enthusiasm to the thing and the think fantastic, I prefer to be much more cautious”.

To push unusually to caution the never too calm Ninja seems to be the finding that “it is very important to realize the fact that it took a lot of time so that everyone will get used to the original map of Fortnite, with all the additions fools that have built time and time again”.

The opinion of the Ninja, then, is not too dissimilar from that of many fans Fortnite who look with scepticism at the introduction of a new island, especially if its launch should coincide with theabandonment of the current map, as happened recently in Apex Legends with the removal of Kings Canyon in Season 3 (only to then be revived in a night version with the Halloween event).

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