The authors of Tequila Works weave a new video diary Gylt, to deepen the aspects related to the sources of inspiration for their adventure tinged with dark, unlike what is suggested by the latest rumor on the nature cross-platform of the project, will arrive exclusively on Google Staff.

Embellished with several preparatory sketches and a few clips of gameplay taken from the pre-Alpha version of Gylt, the movie drawn by the developers in madrid fixed the cardinal points of the title and explains the vision of the Spanish team responsible for the success of Deadlight and RiME.

A series of statements shared by leading members of the software house the european, the authors of Tequila Works and the partners of Google that they are supporting in the project claim that Gylt will be a game that “will try to offer a gaming experience that is scary and tense, even if it will not be scary or “horror”.

As to the sources of inspiration to create Gylt, developers Spanish indicate in Haunting Ground, Capcom, and Silent Hill, and Resident Evil , and Inside the main video game from which they have drawn to build the scaffold playful, artistic, and narrative of their title, we have to remember that, at least initially, can be enjoyed only through the platform and the game streaming to Google Staff. The launch date of Gylt has not been announced yet, even if the vertices of Tequila Works promises that the output of their adventure thrilling will happen “very soon”.