In anticipation of the many interventions promised by The Coalition to improve and expand on the multiplayer of Gears 5, the authors of the canadian have decided to resort to the instrument of the ban to impose sanctions is particularly heavy in the so-called “quitter”, that is, those who leave in advance of the game.

To confirm this new wave of ban is the same software house headed by Rod Fergusson with a message on Twitter that, with a tone that is not particularly conciliatory to the quitter, describes such interventions as painful but necessary to improve the gaming experience on the net of fans of Gears 5.

In the open letter addressed to the fans of the new Gears of War came at the beginning of September on PC and Xbox One (“free” with the Xbox Game Pass), the curators of the social media profiles of The Coalition explain that the quitter have received the ban from a month to year in function of the recurrence of the misconduct kept online, but then add that “in the coming hours, the quitter concerned will not be suspended but will receive warnings”.

As reported by several users on social media and on forums such as Reddit and ResetEra, however, the ban issued by the subsidiary, north american of Xbox Game Studios would be more severe and to fall short of even the 640 days, corresponding to about two years.

We do not know, however, whether a similar strategy will continue to be pursued by The Coalition in the future, or if, on the contrary, the extensive program of support post-launch of Gears 5 will give authors the canadian supplement of the online tools that solve the problem of “quitter” with measures decidedly less punitive ban of up to 2 years.