In the same interview in which Hideo Kojima has revealed new details on the game over multiplayer Death Stranding, the father of Metal Gear, he also explains why, in his next sci-fi adventure, there will be no space for a “true” online component, be it competitive or cooperative.

In describing his approach to the multiplayer of the odyssey that we will experience wearing the clothes (and the parcel) by Sam Porter Bridges, the master of japanese communication, he used a metaphor a bit bold to explain that “in Death Stranding, players will experience a type of online connection that will be a bit like that of a person who wants to go out with a girl even if you do not want to marry her”.

As rightly reported by the redditor who translated the interview to Famitsu, however, in a literal transcription of the declarations of Kojima may have missed the nuances of his speech which, when placed in a different context, they would have been able to give a deeper meaning to her words and offer ourselves, then, of the more information about the online component of this ambitious project.

So, what do you think of the unique claims of Hideo Kojima? First to know your opinion through the comment form, remember that Death Stranding will be available starting fromNovember 8 exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. If you want to explore the topic before the last epic sci-fi with a side of horror Kojima see the light of day, on these pages you can find a interesting special at the signature of Joseph Arace on multiplayer Death Stranding as mutual support.