The publisher Zodiac Interactive and development studio Crossingstar Studio are pleased to announce that Shadowplay: Metropois Foe will be available in 2020, and it is already possible to place it in the wish list on Steam. Those attending the EGX 2019, which will be held at ExCel London, will be able to try for the first time, the fighting game based on the cards with the setting of cyberpunk! This year the fair, which will be held at ExCel London from 17 to 20 October, will be the first occasion on which the public can try the game directly.

Shadowplay: Metropolis Foe is a game of cards with some special features: take command of a band of rebel outlaws in a strange, gargantuesca city cyberpunk, where the fights and adventures lurk behind every corner! In the dangerous world of the slums of Starcity there is a myriad of informants: find them, accept the missions that you assign and take control of the city!

The story sees the protagonists of the most of 10 characters, each of which has its own personality and a deck of cards specific. Bring with you some of the companions to better face each challenge, the robot guards up to the labyrinths of the mind! Do you prefer to walk in the office of the CEO by jumping around in a symphony of explosions, or to overcome the guards with stealth, and move the enemies to the edge of the blade? The decision is up to you!

Explore Starcity you will discover a world full of opportunities and all progress will affect the construction of your deck. It doesn’t matter if it comes from battle wounds, suffering, the psychological, the support of the allies, or if you’re on blacklist of a gang, everything that happens to you can turn into cards for your deck, giving the battles a new level of unpredictability. Every choice you make could become a paper crucial to your victory…or your opponent’s.

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