The owners of Samurai Spirits will soon be able to cut knees, and cut the throats with Basara. In fact, SNK announced in an official press release that the character will be available as DLC from the 15 October next, and that it will cost 5,99€, if we do not have the Season Pass (19,99€). Useless to present the Executor to the purists who know him from Samurai Showdown III. As for the others, they will find fairly quickly the effectiveness of his blades, able to surprise anyone at mid-distance.

It is pointed out that Basara is the third character additional to be offered after Shizumaru Hisasme (free) and Rimururu. Except surprise, Kazuki Kazama and Wan-Fu will take over in December and in February. This should allow time for developers to work on the Season Pass #2 the premeière fighter will be Mina Majikina.