Sony has kept tight the information about what is officially called the PlayStation 5, but now the company has revealed some interesting details about the upcoming system in an interview with Wired. Among the information shared, Sony has confirmed that PS5 will require players to install games on the system, just as it does on the PS4. This time, however, we will have greater freedom in the choice of the parts of the games to install.

“Rather than treat the games as a big block of data, we are allowing for a more-detailed access to the data,” says system architect Mark Cerny in an interview. An example is the installation of the multiplayer component of a game (while leaving the single player to be installed later) or the ability to delete a part of a game from the system, if you are no longer using.

This is linked to the other changes Sony is making to improve the user experience on the PlayStation 5. As previously confirmed by the company, the system uses a solid-state drive instead of a standard hard disk, allowing loading times significantly faster than was possible on the PS4. Sony is also improving the user interface of the system.


Other topics touched on by Sony include the new controller to PS5, which will present a haptic feedback to a game player’s experience more “immersive”. The company has also confirmed that Bluepoint, the studio behind the remake of Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4, is working on a “big” game PS5, even though they were not shared other details.

The PlayStation 5 will arrive by the end of 2020, in the same launch window Project Scarlett of Microsoft.

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Source: Gamespot.