Death Stranding of Hideo Kojima is definitely one of the most anticipated games of this second part of 2019, and on this there is no doubt.

The title promises to be very innovative, with a concept truly unique, in the style of Kojima. And for such an ambitious project, even the music, they will certainly have their importance.

Well, today we want to talk about the music of Death Stranding, which, according to Wikipedia, it will be realized by…Max Pezzali and Gerry Scotti!

Yes, you heard me right, the former lead singer of the 883 and the famous presenter of the Italian have appeared among those who have taken care of the music of the game on the Wikipedia page dedicated to the Death Stranding.

Of course, it is a joke, because, as you know, everyone can edit the content of pages and these changes last for a short time, before being replaced. In fact, initially one of the curators of the music was, Max Pezzali, then Gerry Scotti, but soon you may see some other illustrious character…


Who do you expect? Pull out a few names!

Now let’s be serious again for a moment, remembering that the highly anticipated Death Stranding will arrive on PS4 on November 8th. Without the music of Gerry Scotti.

Source: Wikipedia.