Once occupatisi of the announcement of the new games Xbox One Game Pass that will be included in the digital catalogue of the subscription on the console within the first half of October, the curators of the social media profiles of the official Xbox Game Pass compile the list of titles coming on PC in the course of the month of October 2019.

According to the information shared from the house of Redmond, users who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass and use it on a PC, Windows 10 will be able to flesh out your games room with digital titles such as The Outer Worlds, Minit, Lonely Mountains Downhill, State of Mind, F1 2018, Saints Row IV Re-Elected and Stellaris. Removed The Outer Worlds, the which landing in the Game Pass will coincide with the date of launch of the ambitious RPG Obsidian, that is, by 25 October, coming on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, we do not know the day in which we will be able to download the other titles announced by Microsoft.

Always thanks to the latest update of the division Xbox upcoming games coming on the PC, we discover, finally, that the soulslike in shades of dark Sinner Sacrifice for Redemption will be the only title that is destined to exit the Game Pass by the end of the month.

To those who follow us also remember that between games, PC Game Pass October made recently available by Microsoft for all subscribers to the service, there are also Dishonored 2 and Cities Skylines Pearls from the East. Still no news, however, as regards the extension of the promotion is currently active only in US and UK that offers six months of Spotify Premium as a gift to those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.