While the community explores the wealth of information shared by Mark Cerny on the future of the PS5, from the pages of his Twitter profile IT Specialist at Sony, Sam Parker, clarifies an important point of the communication strategy adopted by the giant technological japanese to present its new console.

In reiterating his enthusiasm for the proclamation of the period of the output PS5, the programmer and designer of the SIE of Worldwide Studios commented: “finally the cat is out of the bag, our next generation consoles will be unveiled and launched next year! I am so honored to be a part of the Worldwide Studios, and working with great people”, but then added that “until then I will continue to act in a mode Incognito”, thus suggesting not to want to reveal more details on the console and any games for next-gen which should be currently engaged.

On the basis of the information shared by Parker from here to the end of the year we should not attend to any type of announcement regarding PlayStation 5: to find out the appearance of the next-gen consoles of Sony and the new DualShock controller, as well as the technical specifications for final, features previously unpublished and the list of the video games launch, and then, you will have to wait until 2020.

If it is true, the indication given by the employee of Sony would provide a categorical denial to the rumors about PlayStation 5 bounced in the network in these weeks about the possible announcement of the PS5 during a special event State of Play in the winter or in the course of The Game Awards 2019 which will be held on 12 December.