One guy managed to break into the headquarters of Valve , and to steal video games and accessories for a total value of more than $ 40,000. The 32-year-old Shawn Shaputis, which reportedly has also stolen a truck from FedEx in July, has been accused of the September 25, burglary and trafficking of stolen goods.

The police said that Shaputis has made inroads in Lincoln Square, entering through a public restaurant, and gain access to the office on the 11th floor of the Valve through a service door that is not working. The guy has stolen more than $ 42,000 in total, including video games: 15 games Xbox One and 23 games in the PlayStation 4. Shaputis has told police of having stolen “from 15 to 20” laptop Asus, some Nintendo console Switch and the Steam, and “a mini-gun metal” view of the challenge from the CEO of Valve Gabe Newell during an interview.

Valve has reportedly told police that other objects, such as memorabilia and promotional items have been stolen. In addition to this Shaputis was surprised by a camera during the act of selling the stolen goods back to GameStop for a total of 336 dollars. According to reports, Shaputis has stored the rest of the equipment in his car, found later by the police. The thief also had accessories for the drugs in his car, according to court documents.


The charges were filed on September 25, at the superior court of the County of King. Shaputis at the moment has six mandates of the assets. The hearing is scheduled for 9 October: if it does not show up will be issued again for another mandate.

Source: VG247 and Polygon