Let’s talk about still Untitled the Goose Game, the game that has had such a huge success on the web so as to receive a plethora of memes (not to mention the generator of memes that allows you to create your own list of things to do).

Now a player has posted on YouTube a video that shows the terrible goose to collect all the objects present in the game. TerakJK gave us the beauty of seven hours to drag all of the objects in the lair of the protagonist which is the starting point of the game. Although the mission might seem simple, TerakJK has encountered some complications along the way.

Objects obviously have different weight: while some are easy to carry with the beak of a goose, others need to be dragged slowly, and this causes anger on the part of human beings who will try in all ways to hunt the animal. Consequently, few objects such as the two broken cups, the hat of the gardener and the hammer were not brought into the den. Below you can take a look at the video.

What do you think? You are able to steal all of the objects? Please let us know in the comments. Please note that the “Untitled” Goose Game is available for PC and Nintendo Switch, but probably will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Source: Kotaku