Ubisoft announces that on 15 October will be available the new
content update for its latest open-world, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

In addition, users who have not yet played in The Division 2 will also have the opportunity to
try the game for free, but we can see below the official press release Ubisoft for all the details about this important update:

The Title Update 6 is the largest update ever released for The Division 2, including
“Episode 2 – the Pentagon: the last fortress”, a series of improvements to the gameplay and a new
PvP mode, Conflict. Episode 2 will be available for all Pass holders Year 1, and the
subscribe to UPLAY+** from the 15th of October (22 October for the other players). All of the changes and the
improvements, in addition to the new mode will be available as from 15 October.

The new episode of the plan of free content to Pass Year 1 of The Division 2 sees
an escalation of events in Washington, D. C., for the agents of Division, while the forces of the
Black Tusk continue to sow chaos throughout the city. In Episode 2, players will have to
fight to resolve the crisis of the epidemic in the course. Their mission will be to unveil the secrets hidden
inside the Pentagon before falling into the hands of Black Tusk.

Content included in the “Episode 2 – the Pentagon: the last fortress”:

Two new main missions

At the beginning of Episode 2, players will investigate a transmission coming from another
Agent sent on a reconnaissance at the Pentagon in search of the bioreactor perfusion. Getting
the bioreactor, the Agents could replicate samples antiviral recovered in the Tidal Basin. The
Agents have to disentangle the damages caused by the flood and the forces of the Black Tusk for
to regain control of the fortress. After defending your safe zone, players
you can get to the two main missions repeatable Episode 2.

 First main mission – the Pentagon: the Agents discover the location of the
bioreactor perfusion inside of the research system in the underground of the Pentagon. The
Black Tusk has already infiltrated into the lab to try to recover the bioreactor.

 The second main mission – research lab DARPA: the players
will have to make their way through the Pentagon and at the laboratories of DARPA, while the

Black Tusk is carrying the bioreactor perfusion through a network of tunnels
abandoned dating back to the Cold War.

New specialization “Technical”: active from 15 October, the owners of the Pass Year 1, and the
subscribe to UPLAY+ will unlock immediately, the specialization in Technical. Players who do not
have the Pass Year 1 will be able to unlock it by completing a series of objectives. Once
you have unlocked the specialization will be available to other rewards, such as a skin weapon

The new specialization includes:

 Distinctive weapon: P-017 Launcher – a launcher the multi-missile. Agents can
mark, and hit up to six enemies (depending on the ammunition available). By pressing
simply a button, are launched six missiles capable of identifying its

 Gun: Maxim 9

 Variant abilities: Hive Blaster

 Mod grenade: Grenade EMP
Assignments Top Secret (exclusively for Pass holders Year 1 and subscribers
UPLAY+): Agents may face two new Positions Top-Secret to the Boathouse and
at the Embassy.

 Pier: the Forsaken are moving weapons and supplies in a warehouse of transport on the river
Potomac, which has been used during the outbreak to move resources to the Potomac Center, and
the island of Roosevelt. The Agents have to investigate and seize all the weapons
can find.

 Embassy: a helicopter of the Joint Task Force full of supplies was shot down
from the Outcasts, falling on the roof of the Embassy of Mexico in Washington, D. C. The
Agents will have to locate the helicopter to save the pilot and get hold of supplies
before the Outcasts reach the crash site.

The new title update also brings a number utterly unprecedented in the fix
and improvements, as well as a new PvP mode.

The main fixes and enhancements

The players will get numerous enhancements to the game experience that will be operating in
The Division 2 from October 15. These improvements were developed thanks to the feedback on
the forum of the game and the workshop, the Elite Task Force last month, during which some of the members
of the community have been able to visit the studio Ubisoft Massive in Malmö, Sweden.

The main fixes and enhancements include:

 Loot targeted

 Names of the objects re-modulated

 Changes to the creation

 Changes to the recalibration

 Articles brand

 Inventory management 2.0

 Space of the stock increased

 Rebalancing of talents and weapons

 Transfers server the Black

 Update of the Seller of the Den of Thieves

 Changes to the release of supplies in the Black Zone

 Ambushes in the Black Zone occupied

 Normalization in the modification of the Black Zone.

 Conflict: the selection of the equipment (loadout) during the voting for the map

 Display armor bonus increased

 Conflict: changes to the rewards at the end of the game

 Tutorial stored

As part of the commitment of Ubisoft to fix and general improvements to the game, the second raid
The Division 2 will be postponed. The additional time will allow the development team to
focus on the general quality of The Division 2, developing in the meantime a raid able
to meet the standard of its players.

New PvP mode Conflict

The new PvP mode Elimination team sees confronting two teams of four players
a battle composed of seven rounds in D. C. The round will end once an entire
the team will be deleted or the expiration of the time. The elimination of the team offers an experience
tactics focused on team play and will be available from October 15.

New map: “Wharf”

The new map “Wharf” has a similar size to the previous PvP maps and brings players into
a port of fishing boats abandoned. Thanks to paths of support and elevated positions,
it offers various tactical possibilities.

Free Weekend

Anyone who has not yet played in The Division 2 will have the opportunity to try the game for free
between the 17 and the 20 October. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will also be discounted for the end of the month,
allowing players to continue their adventure at an affordable price. Who
will buy the game after the Free Weekend will be able to maintain all the progress obtained. For more
information, please visit: https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-US/free-weekend.

Pass Year 1 offers players even more content to The Division 2, including the access
anticipated to the contents of Episode 2. For all the details on the contents of the Pass Year 1, visit

With the development led by Massive Entertainment in conjunction with the other seven studies in all
the world, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is the new evolution of the extraordinary
experience in RPG and online shooter, open world, that the first game has helped to create.

Set seven months after the spread of a lethal virus in the city of New York, The Division
2 will immerse players in a Washington, D. C. now devastated and on the verge of capitulating. The
the world is on the brink of collapse and the inhabitants have to face the biggest crisis ever seen in the
the history of humanity. As agents of the Division, now the veterans, the players are the last
hope against the total collapse of society, and while some of the factions fighting to win the
power. If Washington D. C. is lost, the whole nation will be destroyed.

Developed based on the feedback collected in more than two years from the community of The Division, Tom
Clancy’s The Division 2 will offer a thrilling campaign that will flow organically into a solid
endgame, to create an immersive experience and significant for every type of player.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is available for PlayStation®4, Windows PC, the family of
devices Xbox One, including Xbox One X, and UPLAY+, the subscription-based service of Ubisoft. Tom
Clancy’s The Division 2 will be launched on the platform of the new generation, the Ruler.