From the pages of the PlayStation Blog, the vice president of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, has retraced the principal stages of the arduous path of development that started to give shape to The Last of Us 2, and its protagonists, by Ellie, the Infected, the cross from the warrior of TLOU along the way.

According to the director of the software house in california and mind behind the series, The Last of Us, the canvas of the narrative of the second chapter took shape slowly after you met Ashley Johnson (the actress who plays Ellie): “When we met at the restaurant and explained the story of TLOU 2, she started to cry and, after the embarrassment of the initial due to the fact that I did not want that people thought that I was doing or saying something horrible, I thought about the fact that it was the first time that I have shared an idea so strong for the plot of the game. Everything is born so, is the kernel of an idea that grows once the express to more people and make it become a shared vision”.

In discussing the evolution of the character of Ellie, Druckmann also reveals that “in the first game he was in search of a person to rely on, and once that has known Joel in some way it is holding on to him.” In The Last of Us 2, the strained relationship between Joel and Ellie will lead the latter to get closer to other people and to build a relationship with Dina, as reported by the same author of Naughty Dog, explaining that “Dinah to become her best friend, flirterà with her, but know that in a post-pandemic world, nothing is meant to last forever”, referring as well to the thirst for revenge that will animate to search for justice after the violent facts mentioned in the last movie of The Last of Us 2.

Not less interesting are also the considerations of Drukmann on the Infected and their evolution: “If in the first game we needed to offer the opportunity for users to learn about the different stages of the infection, now we must explain the ‘why’ there are these differences between the stages of the infection. What drives these beings to mutate? Without going into detail, I will merely suggest that there is something in the environment that has allowed over time, the occurrence of these mutations”.

In function of the evolution of the Infected, then, the range of enemies that we will face will be very large, or at least this is the promise made by the american author stating that “we will have Runner with an incredible speed and Clicker that will move slowly but will be able to kill with a single blow. Then there will be the Shambler which will produce clouds of acid toxic burning materials with which they come into contact. In the demo you have seen them fight alone, but in the final game you will see them collaborate to produce combinations of gameplay really interesting”.

What do you think of the latest statements by Neil Druckmann? As I leave you any comment or opinion using the comment form, we remind you that The Last of Us Part 2 is slated for release for the 21st of February 2020 on the PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro.