Ubisoft has announced that episode 2 of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, entitled” the Pentagon: The last Fortress will be made available starting from the next 15th of October for all owners of Pass Year 1 and for subscribers to Uplay+ on a PC, while all the others will have to wait until 22 October.

Episode 2 will include two new missions, entitled “Pentagon” and “research Laboratories of the DARPA”, two new Positions Top Secret in the Boathouse and in the Embassy exclusive for Pass holders Year 1 and the new specialised Technician, with the following characteristics:

  • Distinctive weapon: P-017 Launcher – a launcher the multi-missile. Agents can mark and hit up to six enemies (depending on the ammunition available). By simply pressing a button, are launched six missiles capable of locate their targets;
  • Gun: Maxim 9;
  • Variant abilities: Hive Blaster;
  • Mod grenade: Grenade EMP.

The 15th October will also be posted the Title Update 6, that unlike in the Episode 2 will be available for all players of The 2nd Division from the outset. The update will include several improvements based on the feedback of the players, as the loot improved, the names of the objects, re-modulated, re-creating and re-calibration, a new inventory management, increase of space in the stock, re-balance talents and weapons, changes to the release of supplies of the Black Zone and, above all, a new PvP mode called Conflict – which sees two teams of four players in a battle composed of seven rounds – and the new map Wharf, that leads the players in to a fishing port abandoned.

In the midst of so much good news, unfortunately, there is also a less pleasant. The developers have decided to postpone the debut of the second raid to 2020. Mindful of the experience with the raid of the Episode 1 (the Dark Hours), arrived in the game with numerous problems, the team preferring to take all the time you need to finish the new experience. To celebrate all these announcements, the French house has released the trailer visible at the top of this news.