Stardew Valley continues to amaze practically all the years after its launch. Created by a single person, the project has hosted tons of free updates and huge improvements in the quality of life, in addition to full support of the mod on the PC, in an era full of microtransactions and loot box.

Recently in an interview with the Baron spoke about the upcoming update. Version 1.4 will be quite large in size and will add a bit of depth to the married life”, in addition to modify virtually all of the rest of the game. The creator has teased fans by saying that the patch will improve both the quality of life of the game that will add additional content-rich and rewarding.

Baron has taken the opportunity to also speak of self-publication, revealing a preference for self-employment because it allows them to worry about the small details. The creator of the simulator farms hopes to self publish more games in the future.


With regard to the addition of multiplayer on the Xbox One and mobile devices, the Baron said to do everything in his power to add this mode as quickly as possible. Currently, we do not yet know when it will be available in the 1.4 update. Stay tuned with us for more information.

Source: Destructoid