Ubisoft announced that Rabbids Coding, a game developed to introduce the basics of programming, is now available for free on Uplay for Windows PC. In Rabbids Coding, the mischievous Rabbids have invaded a space ship, and dirtying everywhere and putting everything in disorder. Players will have to clear it by entering programming commands into the operating system of the ship. By doing so, users of all ages will learn the basics of programming and logical algorithms, the basic elements of programming the same.

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Rabbids Coding aims to make programming fun and accessible, so as to allow everyone to begin to learn the basics. Rabbids Coding is simple to use for programmers in grass and is suitable for players aged seven years and required the ability to read). Through the 32 levels of the game, users will learn how to use the sequential programming, loops and conditions. All the skills and the concept will help the player maximise their program, making the programming sequence as short and efficient as possible.

“Ubisoft intends to prepare the new generation of game developers and what better way to start if you are not teaching the basics of programming with an experience of interactive learning,” said Olivier Palmieri, in charge of the game. “We believe strongly that video games can play a very important role in the learning of new technical skills and we can’t wait to share Rabbids Coding as a training tool for all ages.”

To download the game, just log in or create a Uplay account to the page Uplay.ubisoft.com. and follow the complete Coding Games For Kids guide.