Despite being on paternity leave, Jason Schreier, he is keen to have its say on the recent announcements of Sony related to PS5. The now famous editor of Kotaku faces so that the theme from the point of view of communication and of the welcome given to the next-gen consoles of Sony from third-party developers.

Through a message posted on Twitter to resume theinterview with Mark Cerny to Wired which has been fixed by the release of PS5 at Christmas 2020, the authoritative journalist, video game explains to us that “have been unveiled a lot of good information on the next-generation console of Sony. […] I asked a couple of people their opinion on the rumors that circulated in recent weeks related to the fact that Sony was wrong and the communication on the PS5 and they told me the exact opposite. A third party developer I then explained that the hardware of the new console is really excellent and that the delivery of the Dev Kit is done in a timely manner”.

The anonymous testimonies collected by Schreier are therefore of the same tenor enthusiastic statements in these last days by the authors and by the leaders of companies such as Codemasters and Electronic Arts, as well as Rockstar Games and Take-Two. Albeit with the important distinction represented by the different vision of next-gen pursued by each software house, all the employees in the sector do not hide their satisfaction for the choices made both by Sony and Microsoft in the context of the design of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, as for the presence of the backward compatibility, to support Ray Tracing through dedicated hardware and the capabilities of cloud gaming, but especially for the use of an SSD is super-fast.