The Pokémon Company and Nintendo have confirmed that the shape of the regional Ponyta will appear in Pokémon Shield. This Pokémon has appeared a surprise during a live video broadcast from a forest in the region of the Barge.

Ponyta of the Barge

  • Category: Pokémon Singolcorno
  • Type: Psycho
  • Height: 0.8 m
  • Weight: 24,0 kg
  • Skills: Fugafacile/Pastelvelo

The presence of the Ponyta of the Barge is attested in a certain forest in the region of Barge since ancient times. It is said that these Pokémon have been exposed to an excess of the vital energy of the forest for many generations, and have thus taken on this characteristic appearance.

The Ponyta of the Barge can absorb the vital energy present in the surrounding atmosphere and store it in his mane. The color of her mane becomes even more alive and emits a shimmering glow if there is a lot of energy in the area. The Ponyta of the Barge has the new ability Pastelvelo, introduced in these games. This ability protects the Pokémon and its allies from the poisoning. Can also heal allies by poisoning when the Pokémon enters the field.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available from November 15, 2019 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.