The mode adopted by Sony to secure the release of PS5 at Christmas 2020 have surprised the community and many experts in the industry. After the major statement of Mark Cerny to Wired, today Famitsu to attract our attention with a tab that would seem to explain the specific techniques of PS5.

The journalists of the famous newspaper and website, the japanese videogaming, always very attentive to the events related to Sony, and not only from the point of view of purely “geographic”, claim to be able to discover the hardware specifications, “final” of the Black Monolith of the next generation.

The card compiled by the editors of Famitsu confirms many of the rumors circulating in the network in recent months, and the same statements reported by Cerny, and by developers who, like those of Codemasters, you are serving of the bizarre Dev Kit PS5 to develop the first games for next-gen. Here, then, is the card in its entirety:

PlayStation 5 – hardware overview

  • Hard drive: SSD for the personalized access to the data at very high speed
  • Processor: Chip custom AMD x86-64 Ryzen “Zen 2”, with eight cores and 16 threads
  • GPU:- Chip custom AMD Radeon-based technology that RDNA units with the 3D sound processing, separate output with a theoretical resolution up to 8K

According to the information shared by Famitsu, and then, the next-generation PlayStation console will be equipped with a processor AMD Ryzen Zen 2 and a GPU capable of reaching the 8K resolution. Always about the “video card”, the journalists, did you also confirm that PS5 will offer backward compatibility full and native titles for the PlayStation 4, with support for PS VR and Ray Tracing, in the latter case thanks to the presence of hardware components dedicated, even if the card does not specify the number of cores dedicated to the management of the technology of dynamic lighting, and real-time DXR. What do you think of these specifications? Please let us know with a comment.