Not to mention to decrease the success of the Nintendo Switch, the console of the house of Kyoto and continues to sell very well all over the world and especially in Japan, after the great exploits of the last week, thanks to the coupling of Dragon Quest XI S Echoes of A Lost age Final Edition.

This week Nintendo Switch has sold in the japanese market 50,469 pieces while Nintendo Switch Lite has to be placed 38.668 unit for a total of 89.137 unit. But there is more because this to the results of the last seven days Nintendo Switch breaks through the roof of the nine million pieces distributed from 2017 to today, for the accuracy 9,199,946 unit.

Nintendo Switch Lite reached instead share 297.361 console sold from the 22nd of September last, on the combined total of 9.497.307 console with regards to the whole family Switch. The milestone of ten million units distributed should be passed easily by the end of November thanks to the tow guaranteed by titles such as Luigi’s Mansion 3 (31 October) and Pokemon Sword and Shield (15 November) safe “system seller” able to boost dramatically the sales of the console.