Hunters, get ready: tomorrow, October 10, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will receive in a single blow, as well as two important updates – the 11.00 and 11.01 – which, together, will require a total of 1.3 GB of space, both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The biggest news, which will be introduced from’update 11.00 is without a shadow of a doubt, the Rajang, a monster new addition to the World that he made his first appearance in 2005, Monster Hunter 2 for the PS2. It is a beast tusked extremely fierce in the possession of the power of electricity: Capcom had already presented in the trailer of the Rajang published even before the launch of Iceborne, and from tomorrow will finally be addressed by the players. The news, of course, do not stop there: the update 11.00 will introduce a new biome with volcanoes and much of the introductory movie, a new series of weapons, armour and skills, the possibility to enable the access of housing to the other players, an option to restrict chat to players in the rooms, new types of furniture with which to interact in the accommodation of Seliana and new rewards for shipments of cacciaprede. Capcom also claims to have revised the probability of appearance of the monsters in the Lands and guide the behavior of the Insect Guide, who localizzeranno automatically the monsters drawn.

Theupdate 11.01 focuses mainly on the Lands Guide, which will be quite a bit of changes. In these places it is possible to get different materials for each level, so you will have to make changes to the way in which the levels increase and decrease in order to facilitate the exploration:

  • Level biome 1 – 2: No change
  • Level biome 3 – 6: the Same values of the change in the level 2 before the update
  • Level biome 7: the Same values of the change in the level 3 before the update

Also, the tracks are unusual not analyzed will be easier to get, you will add an option to lock the levels of the biomes and will be added to the item “Biomes Blocked” when you create a shipment or during a search.

A nice bit of news, which is not to say. Also, keep in mind that the two new updates are essential to be able to play online in the company of your friends. For a recap of all the latest news, we invite you to view the diary of the developers attached to the top of this news.