Today was opened the new site for the North american Luigi’s Mansion 3, the next exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, which contains screenshots, details and a new trailer dedicated to the hydraulic wimp.

The american site following the opening of the japanese of the past few days in which he had already appeared a new video of Luigi’s Mansion 3. In this latest trailer we can see a terrifying encounter between Luigi and King Boo and then go on to what seems to be the intro movie for the game, with Mario, Luigi and Peach arriving at the hotel accompanied by a series of Toad. Then some pictures of the “mansion” and Luigi intent to fight against the ghosts, and then collect the loot. Finally, there is a scene dedicated to the ScareScraper Mode, a multiplayer mode of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 prepares to launch on the 31st of October, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Waiting to get their hands on the game, we invite you to read our special dedicated to Luigi, one of the “player two”, the most famous of the gaming landscape.