We return to talk about addiction to video games, the disease is officially recognised by the World Health Organization, because the National Health System of the United Kingdom has opened the first clinic to fight the addiction to video games. This clinic will focus on the problems related to video games in children and young adults up to 25 years.

Simon Stevens, chief executive officer of the National Health Service in england, he said: “The health needs are constantly changing, which is why the national health service should never remain stationary: this new service is a response to an emerging issue, part of the growing pressures on children and young people are exposed to these days. However, the National Health Service should not be left alone. The gaming company have a responsibility towards their users and their shareholders and they should do their best to prevent rather than encourage obsessive behaviors or harmful”.

Claire Murdoch, national director for mental health, adds: “compulsive gambling, social media and Internet addiction are a problem that will not disappear in modern life. The NHS is facing the challenge, as always, with these innovative new services, but you can’t expect results in a short time, which is why the tech giants must recognize the impact of products that encourage gambling, and start taking seriously their responsibility”.


The centre for the game and all the dependencies in video games is the first and only specialist service in the territory of the English. The head of the service said: “I hope that with this center we will be able to help children and young people affected by this disease”.

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Source: Rock Paper Shotgun, and Wccftech