If Blizzard/Blitzchung: fans transform Mei to Overwatch in a symbol of protest

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The protest that is raging in the streets of Hong Kong has also invested in the gaming world when Ng “Blitzchung” Wai Chung, a professional player of Hearthstone, it is presented at a post-match interview wearing a mask, a symbol of the protesters, shouting “Liberate Hong Kong.

The gesture, glaring is not at all like Blizzard Entertainment, which has severely punished Blitzchung inflicting a ban of a year, removing him from the league and negandogli prize money from the Season 2 of the Grandmasters of Hearthstone. The decision, however, has raised a large crawlspace. Fans of the company’s Irvine went on a rampage, and in their turn, have expressed their disappointment using the hashtag #BlizzardBoycott, quickly became a trend in most parts of the world. The protest also involved several employees of the same Blizzard, evidently in disagreement with the line of thought of the house mother, and has even got the attention of the general public, since that was commented on by some us politicians, both Republicans Democrats.

The players, apparently, have no intention to let go, and have begun to take a mockery of Blizzard turning one of his famous characters, Mei of Overwatch, a symbol of the protest! A player wrote on Twitter: “that Would really be a shame if Mei of Overwatch became a symbol of pro-democracy, resulting in the ban of the game in China”. In an artwork that has become very popular on the web (we have it attached at the bottom), the girl is pictured with a mask on their face and with an umbrella with the words: “Liberate Hong Kong”. In the fictional universe of Overwatch, Mei is a native of the city of Xi’an in China, but is seen by the fans of Hong-Kong as an icon of anti-communist and, as a result, pro-democracy. Another user has even adapted a short of Overwatch, making a sort of movie of protest. Will Blizzard to regain the trust of his fans? We have the impression this protest will go on for a long time still…


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