In Ghost Recon Breakpoint there are numerous weapons to be obtained on the field of battle. In this mini-guide we’ll talk about the best guns in the game, and beckoning you to 5 weapons you must have in the new tactical shooter from Ubisoft.

Each weapon is better suited to a particular style of game. We see those the most powerful and versatile currently present in the game.


The AK47 is one of the rifles the most loved and used in all of the shooter to military and war. And it certainly is not the case: even in a Breakpoint, this mouth from the fire is able to offer an excellent combination between fire power, cadence, precision and reliability. As soon as it will enter in possession, bring it with you always. You could come in very useful in any occasion due to its versatility.


The TAC50 is a great sniper rifle to use during reconnaissance around the enemy base, by marking the enemies and locations of interest before starting a battle. It is powerful enough to put out of the game an enemy with a single shot, and has a range which is incredible. It is also perfect to the players solitary (by the way, on our pages we have spoken of the better class of Ghost Recon Breakpoints for the single player), since that will free up part of a base without even entering it. Be sure to pair it with a good weapon for close-in engagements.


The SC-20K is the perfect place for a commando on fast-moving that it prefers to infiltrate methodically from room to room. You can easily get around the corners and instantly kill anyone within range. Has a bit of recoil, but nothing that can’t be handled, taking the hand. It also has a charger large enough. We recommend that you apply a silencer, so you can use it also so stealthy.


The TAVOR is a synonym of stability, the ideal to have the best in the fights, the medium-close distances. Has recoil to a minimum, or null, it works perfectly with a laser sight and has a great fire power. This rifle is perfectly suited to the camera Breakpoint that switches from third to first person every time you take aim. If preferred the accuracy in the fighting on the front, you have to make it yours.


The G28 is a weapon at medium range, perfect to surround a group of enemies with the help of your team, mark targets and take them out to a safe distance. Can defend very well even from the distance, but finds its ideal application for you to infiltrate into a building and face the waves of enemies that follow a path between one room and another.

Recall that all the weapons of Breakpoint are available in both single player and multiplayer, and that you can improve performance by making changes from the gunsmith.

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