In the last few days has made headlines with the particular decision of Blizzard, who decided to punish a player of Heartstone for his support to the recent protests in Hong Kong. In this regard, has been Epic Games, which has been confirmed as in Fortnite Real Battle will never happen anything like this.

Here is the declaration of the development team of the battle royale:

“Epic Games supports the freedom of anyone, both for what concerns the political thought that your point of view on human rights. Not banneremo or puniremo the players and the content creator of Fortnite Real battle, just for having expressed an opinion on one of these topics.”

It is, therefore, a position very clear and should be in strong contrast with what happened in the course of the last few days. Such a statement would confirm, moreover, a certain “independence” of the Epic compared to Tencent, the company considered to be one of the main causes of what happened in the case Blitzchung.

Did you know that in the last few months of 2019 has been recorded a sharp decline in the earnings of Fortnite Real Battle? We also remind you that next Sunday there will be a new event in the game through which they will kick off the Season 11 of Fortnite.