Yesterday Sony has finally announced when it will be available for the PlayStation 5, even providing some interesting details about the upcoming controller.

From the Wired article have emerged a lot of information shared by the system architect, Mark Cerny , which, among other things, spoke of the potential of the SSD that will mount PS5. Not only that, but also the chief studios Officer of EA, Laura Honey, you stepped in talking about the technological potential of the new console.

According to Cerny, the solid state memory will be one of the strong points of PS5, because it will allow a drastic reduction of loading time. This, in addition to being a remarkable technical advantage, will allow developers to build worlds even more immersive.

Laura Honey of the EA, speaking generally, he added that with PS5 (and also with Project Scarlett and mobile devices 5G) we will enter “in the generation of immediacy. On mobile, we expect the titles to be downloaded in a few moments, and that can be launched immediately by the players. On console and PC, we will see the arrival of the GPU and hardware that will enable an evolution in the gameplay of the games of the next-generation technologies such as AI, neural, and Ray-Tracing”.


What do you think?

Source: Wired.