The new Concrete Genie of Pixelopus is available exclusively on the PlayStation 4, and sees us engaged in the mission to bring back the colors in the gray neighborhoods of Denska. In this mini-guide we will give you some useful tips to make your first steps in the adventure.

Here are five quick tips to become painters for a living in the Concrete Genie

Use the motion controls

In Concrete Genie it is possible to take advantage of the motion sensors of the DualShock 4 to paint by tilting the controller. We recommend that you take advantage of this feature, since that will make the mechanics of painting even more fun and intuitive. Not sottovalutatela, and, above all, do not ignore it.

You come back to visit the old areas

Being a game open world, in Concrete Genie it is possible to visit the same areas multiple times, even if you have unlocked new areas to explore. And there will always be a good reason to do so. Some of the billboards located in a certain area, for example, may become available only at a more advanced stage of the adventure, which is why it’s always worth going back to visit them again.

You need Super Painting?

If you need a little bit of Super Painting extra, you just need to find a blank wall and call your Genes. Very often they will ask to be drawn something, and giving them what they need, you will fill your skills of the Super Painting.

Avoid the bullies

To Denska roaming groups of bullies ready to make you party. When possible, always try to avoid them with a stealthy approach. For this purpose will be very useful for the roofs of homes and buildings. Following them, in fact, you can explore large portions of the map without being noticed by the enemies.

Explore and interact with objects

The areas of the Concrete Genie are full of objects with which to interact, including garbage bins, and old knick-knacks scattered on the road. Often, when you get close to them you can find the pages of the album and newspapers, trading that will allow you to unlock the related trophies in the game. If you are a completisti, you can’t lasciarveli escape.

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