We will probably have to prepare soon for a new announcement regarding Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. The ESBR (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) has re-evaluated the game for the console hybrid.

Originally developed by Techland for PS3 and Xbox 360, Gunslinger was the fourth version of the series Call of Juarez. “This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of a gunslinger named Silas Greaves”, it reads in the contents of the classification by the ESRB. Players use pistols and shotguns to shoot and kill dozens of bandits and criminals. The shootouts are highlighted by the gunfire realistic, cries of pain, the effects of the slow and large splashes of blood that sometimes stain the ground. Each level ends with a duel in which the players have to aim a gun to kill an opponent.

Although there is not yet an official word from Techland, this assessment almost confirms the likelihood of a port on the Switch in the near future. Stay tuned with us for more information do not hesitate to give you.


At the time of writing of the article, we do not know if there is a porting for the PS4 or Xbox One. The game was published for the first time in 2013 via the PC and console of the last generation. The first-person shooter was published by Ubisoft, but Techland has acquired the rights in 2018.

Source: Comic Book