Now as you well know, for the next few months, the PC version of Borderlands 3 will be available exclusively on theEpic Games Store , and, according to the latest statements of Gearbox Software, this choice has been amply rewarded.

In fact, it seems that thanks to the presence of the game on the same store of Fortnite Real Battle, and also because of the event cross-over that has been introduced for a few weeks, the world of Pandora in a battle royale, the most popular of the moment there has been a significant increase in the popularity of the looter shooter.

In fact here are the words of senior producer of Borderlands 3, Anthony Nicholson:

“There was great interest towards the game from fans, but thanks to partners such as Epic Games, we have managed to reach a number of users much greater. I would say that the success of the game is the result of a combination of a whole series of factors.”

In short, although many fans have not liked the lack of output since day one on Steam, the game’s arrival in the exclusive time on the Epic Games Store has helped many users to discover the game and to encourage them to purchase. We remind you in fact that are many people have the client installed on your PC to play Fortnite and see the banner advertising a game as any in the store attracts the attention of many potential buyers.

Did you know that you can now see the real appearance of FL4K in Borderlands 3 thanks to a artwork official? We also remind you that you started the event Rare Spawn Hunt of Borderlands 3, during which you will confront the boss with greater frequency and hope to get one of the many weapons of legend that can drop.