Now, the gesture staged by Blitzchung, player of the Grandmasters of Hearthstone that has expressed solidarity for the citizens of Hong Kong during a live Sunday, when he sparked a fire that is impossible to tame.

The intervention and the subsequent sanctions imposed by Blizzard to punish the player and to appease the spirits did not trigger a chain reaction that turned against the u.s. giant.

As we know, Blizzard will not go down lightly: the player was suspended for a year and all the cash prizes have been cancelled. The move Blizzard has aroused great controversy online and the hashtag #BlizzardBoycott has become a trend all over the world.

Even within the same company, where some employees were the stars of other significant gestures such as covering some of the sentences of the philosophy of Blizzard, such as “Every voice matters” and “Think Globally”.

The protest spread also to the championship, the collegiate north american Hearthstone, the Hearthstone Collegiate Champs, during which the team of the American University have shown in the live the sign that said “Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizz“, before the transmission come loose on the winners and on the caster.

According to the regulations of the Collegiate Champs: “The participants may not engage in any behavior deemed obscene, vulgar, offensive, threatening, abusive, libelous, or objectionable”.

In the chat of the Collegiate, and in the streaming of the Overwatch Contenders Gauntlet were spammati millions of identical messages, always directed to boycott Blizzard.

Many of the fans in a sign of the protest have also released a video in which is showed in the intent to uninstall the securities of the company.

What will happen now? Hard to say with certainty, the situation remains red-hot, and it is reasonable to expect updates soon.