With now more than 320 employees under its roof, Avalanche Studios is beginning to be a serious player in the video game industry. The firm, which was responsible for the saga Just Cause, the likeable Mad Max, and the co-development of stress relief Rage 2, currently working on a new title : to tell the truth, we wouldn’t even be surprised if she had more under the hood, a method already used in the past.

In short, it is through the tender of hiring of the company that we can be aware of a proposal for a position as a Build Engineer in the branch of new york city. Its purpose ? “Working on unannounced project for next-gen consoles and PC’ , the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Scarlett. Avalanche Studios is preparing there a new Just Cause after the semi-flop of the fourth opus, or will he be given a new major license to the image of what was done for Mad Max ? Or… a whole new franchise ? The paris are open.