Play costs too much? And, in fact, modern video games have a price that is not always accessible, but fortunately, every month you can download free games PC , thanks to services such as Twitch First and marketplaces such as Humble Store, and Epic Games Store, offering free downloads on a regular basis. What are the best games coming in October?

Our list includes both free games (yours forever once added to the library) titles Free-to-Play, as in the case of Destiny 2, A New Light, now available on Steam in the free version with support for the Expansion Pass (not mandatory) can be purchased for a fee.

Free PC games October 2019

  • GTA San Andreas – Rockstar Launcher, available now
  • Adam Wolfe – Twitch First, available now
  • Deadlight Director’s Cut – Twitch First, available now
  • Stranger Things 3 The Game – Twitch the First, available now
  • The Walking Dead Michonne – Twitch First, available now
  • Serial Cleaner – Twitch First, available now
  • Metro 2033 Redux – Epic Games Store, until 3 October
  • Everything – Epic Games Store, until 3 October
  • Minit – Epic Games Store, from 3 to 10 October

Destiny 2 New Light will be available for download free of charge from 19:00 to Tuesday, 1 October while to download Everything, and Metro 2033 Redux have time until October 3, on the Epic Games Store. Subscribers Twitch First can instead download until the end of the month, Deadlight Director’s Cut, Adam Wolfe, Stranger Things 3 The Game, Serial Cleaner, and The Walking Dead Michonne.

As a bonus we GTA San Andreas, available for free for all (for a period of not better specified) by Rockstar Games Launcher on the PC, hurry up before the promotion is stopped. Do you know other games free for PC coming in October 2019? The space in the comments below, is at your disposal!