SEGA and Atlus Japan announced that next week will broadcast a livestream of the Person 5 Royal, the new edition of the title sold more in the series. The show will be aired on the 27th of September at 20:00 local time, 13:00 in Italy.

The transmission will see the presence of the producers of the game, the developers and Enako, one of the cosplayers the most popular in Japan, who will probably play as Kasumi, Yoshizawa, a character that will be introduced in Person 5 Royal.

The re-release of Persona 5 will include not only the new character mentioned but also various improvements to gameplay and additional content, exactly as happened with Persona 3 Golden, and Persona 4 Golden. Atlus has clarified that P5 Royal will not be compatible with savegames from the original version, since it is made of a game with a lot of extra content are difficult to integrate in the version vanilla.

Person 5 Royal will be released on the 31st of October in Japan in a bundle with the PS4 and the PS4 PRO, the launch in the West is intended for a generic 2020 , but is not currently been announced for a launch window more precise.