It has become the old John Rambo, with Sylvester Stallone, the actor who, with him, thanks to him, he holds that eternity that cinema offers to its heroes.

From 1982, the year in which we have known in First Blood, the first film in the series (for the international market, the title was changed in Rambo), how many “bad guys” has addressed, and in the meantime, how many friends he lost, how many people dear to him has seen it fall under the blows of the evil inherent in the human race?

Could not miss those who in recent years have become the most terrifying and sadistic murderers, the traffickers in mexican, as always, the tourism Authority of that nation, thank you for the positive publicity)? Eleven years after the reboot of 2008, Rambo returned the protagonist of a story that follows the schema statements of the lone hero, who is represented in many of the western, the genre that best embodies the essence of the american.

There is always, and always there will be someone to save, after the american prisoners remained in the hands of the vietcong (1985), after the mujaddin harassed by the Russians, (1988), after the ethnic Karen in Burma (2008), John now helps those who can, even ordinary tourists lost in the storm. Because “no man left behind” and, if it happens, the senses of guilt do not allow themselves to defeat by any medicine.

Today, in this fifth chapter, Rambo: Last Blood, we find him in his farm in Arizona, he left by the father, where he put up a statue of the family due to the old housekeeper mexican and his niece, found a little girl in 2008, when he returned home, and today, a teenager about to leave the farm to attend the university.

Rambo: Last Blood

  • Directed By: Adrian Grunberg
  • Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Yvette Monreal, Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta
  • Distribution: Notorious Pictures
  • Genre: action

But despite the wise advice of John, she decides to make an incursion in Mexico, to search for the father who had abandoned when she was a child. Anyone has not yet guessed what is going to happen? The girl disappears and John went to look for her, clashing with a world of smug cruelty, the risk of defeat. And Rambo, as he always used to do, you rintanerĂ  in its territory, among his traps, waiting for the opponent.

You feel the effort in the screenplay to build to Rambo a background, the link with the old home and the girl so as to create the pretext for the outbreak of anger and consequent vengeance, because Rambo never had a parenthesis sentimental, never was plausible immaginargli a family. And tiring are the dialogues that they would like to return to the character a semblance of intimacy.

But while fears a new version of Taken (even if, in comparison to Rambo, the character Liam Neeson may seem like only an old aunt angry), the story veers in a direction of unexpected hardness, which justifies the escalation of violence in the final that exceeds the expected, with a sequence of ammazzamenti cruentissimi, worthy of a splatter horror. Because violence demands more violence.

01The revenge tires.

On the credits there are so many frames and a short piece, taken from all the old movies, from first to last in chronological order, a fan may also move. An endless parade of killings of carrion, because this was the life for John, a series of events that have only confirmed what his eyes disillusioned, he always let it be known: the world is a horrible place. The last scene of the movie and the end titles on the tail might like it to Clint Eastwood, and who will see will understand.

We recommend the original version because the dubbing does not return the voice of the actor, which gurgles its few lapidary jokes, often whispered, shaking notes very low. Yvette Monreal, passed through a few tv series, including Stargirl, is plausible in the role of the protected Sly, especially in the second part. Paz Vega, in the version released, appears briefly in the role of a journalist who helps Rambo on his quest. Adriana Barranza, view face in many films and tv series, is the old housekeeper protective.

Stallion works (and doubt) in the story and screenplay with Matthew Cirulnick (the series Absentia) and Dan Gordon (curriculum in action). The character Rambo was not created by him, like Rocky, but it is David Morrell, who no longer had need to do in life. Directs Adrian Grunberg, a career as a director of the second unit (all securities of A series, including Man on Fire, Amores Perros, Traffic, Apocalypto, the series Narcos), which already in 2012 had dealt with a subject set in Mexico, with a Trip to Paradise the movie in which Mel Gibson ended up in one of those terrifying dungeons in which cinema and tv series (but also the chronicle) have been made known. Here is limited to be at the service of the story and Sly and a view of the cruelty and brutality of the scenes, in the USA, the film is forbidden to people under 17 years of age, in Italy at the time, we still do not know.

02The only welcome can…

Rambo: Last Blood has a plot elemental, almost as if it were the extended version of the trailer that seems to tell everything already and that, instead, communicates on the film an image more poor. Because even in its linear structure, in its mechanical and predictable in the inevitable hyperboles, in the end anything saves the film, after she put in a row a series of facts telefonatissimi, where all states since the appearance in scene of the traffickers, carefully chosen to attract dislike just looking at them (let’s imagine that the parade of faces that may have been the casting for “mexican villain”). From people so can we expect only the land, while as a sacrificial lamb for a young girl if he goes all alone in the den of the wolves.

At the bottom of the film strand Rambo have always been B-movie, the stories that they had to only trigger the primeval instinct of revenge in the audience, hungry for first place, and this (maybe) last chapter represents the apotheosis. In the intensity of the mask drama of the Stallion, in his desolate old age, in the bloody end, however, there is something more. There is the blood, the savagery, the desperation (and solitude) of all the slaughters of a world overflowing with death.

In his cosmic distrust on the possibility that something can never change, in the weariness with which it is charged with all the evils of the world, we revise our skepticism, our lack of hope in a better world than this, where “Evil is avoided, not defeated, never”, there passes parallel and trouble to cross the road. Because of course, there is the revenge, which, however, does not constitute satisfaction, consolation. Does not return the many dead collected into a violent life, how to tell John, in his brief monologue, the final.

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03The ambush of a specialist.

In the film, John Rambo, one of the characters said that there are three essential steps in the life of a man: a battle to fight, a journey to go on and a love to regain. Of battles, Rambo has fought too many of his travels have not brought in any better place, and the love was never there.

That destiny can never wait for this man too tired? All this blood shed will be the last? And that the world we have built for our children, that John Rambo will not be able to protect all?