Yakuza 7 will mini-games including the race of the kart, the PachiSlot and it will be possible to hire people during the fighting

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Recently are emerging new details about the Yakuza: Like a Dragon (or Yakuza 7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness). The latest news coming through the weekly japanese Weekly Famitsu.

First of all, were presented to two new characters joining the cast: this is Saeko Mukouda, a hostess of the cabaret and Kouichi Adachi an ex-detective who works with the protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga.

As for the fighting, we had already announced the new system that contains mechanical shift. During the battle, you’ll be able to use your smartphone in order to recruit other characters who will give you a hand. Of course, there will also mini-games: these will be present in the race with the go kart and probably a rhythm game, not in the form of karaoke. This time, in fact we will have to avoid that our protagonist falls asleep during a film screening.


It would not be a title the Yakuza, if there were not also the PachiSlot: Million God: Kamigami no Gaisen ” Another God Hades: Ubowareta ZEUS Ver., PachiSlot Fist of the Blue Sky: Houyuu, and PachiSlot Moujuuou: Ouja no Houkou will be present.

We remind you that the Yakuza 7 will be released on PlayStation 4, starting from 16 January next year, while in the West you will arrive later.

Source: Gematsu


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